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Visual Studio 2017RC Unable to repair or uninstall a fix

Recently while trying to update from RC3 of Visual Studio 2017 to RC4 I managed to get into a loop whereby the installer (which is a vast improvement) could not repair or uninstall  VS2017 – even attempting to remove via the Control Panel – Programs and Features didn’t seem to work – each time I re-ran the installer to try and get the latest version it detected the existing broken install but was unable to repair or remove.

I found the answer on the forums here  - there is a tool InstallCleanup.exe which lives in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\resources\app\layout

I needed to run it as administrator  - the first attempt didn’t seem to work  - it seems to fail silently if it doesn’t have sufficient privileges to remove packages and registry keys. Once I ran it I could start the installer and carry out a clean install of RC4 – since RC3 I’ve been using it as my main IDE and seems pretty stable