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Developer Developer Developer South West 5

Some notes from this weekends DDDSW and to mostly fill in the gaps from Nathan Gloyn’s write up.

Sessions I attended:

Session 1: Steve Sanderson's  - Architecting large Single Page Applications with Knockout.js

Lots of interesting background on the use of Typescript on the new Azure management portal – main takeaways

Beware preloading large amounts of data and check for memory leaks

New components feature in Knockout - https://github.com/knockout/knockout/issues/1273

Use of Yeoman Steve has a generator for a Knockout based web app - https://github.com/SteveSanderson/generator-ko this was worth a look at as it uses a number of JavaScript libraries I’d not come across including JsSignal for messaging and crossroads for routing

Good demo of the Karma test runner – like NCrunch for JavaScript tests

Session 2: Marc Gravell — Redis cluster— everything you need to know

Nathan was in the same session – check out his write up

Except to note that there are Nuget packages for including a Redis server in an ASP,Net app or you can use chocolaty to install

Session 3: Phil Trelford — F# eye for the C# guy

A very entertaining presentation by Phil with some great pointers on how to get started with F#, Phil’s approach is to start with writing tests in F# and then move on to writing the domain layer. He gave a compelling demonstration of how terse the F# code is compared to its C# equivalent.

Worth taking a look at his version of SpecFlow – TickSpec

Also for getting started he suggests taking a look at the F# Koans on GitHub

He also has a book coming out soon - F# Deep Dives

Session 4: Gary Short — Hadoop and Big Data for Microsoft Developers

Big Data is all the rage right? – Gary went on to explain what Data Science is really about and that size is not all that counts.

A couple of good demos on how C# can be used to write Map Reduce implementations and make the hadoop command line easier to write!

Plus a demo on using PowerView in Excel to connect to a hadoop file system to query results

There are Microsoft authored packages on nuget

MS Supported Hadoop on windows server

Session 5: Mauro Servienti —​A gentle introduction to AngularJS

This was a good contrast to Steve Sanderson's talk in the first session with further clarification of when Angular is a good fit, impact on page size etc

Slides from the presentation

Mauro’s blog


All in all a great day and another year when I didn't win anything in the raffle Sad smile