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Working with AChartEngine and Xamarain Android

I’m starting a new mobile project on android using Xamarin and needed a charting engine to display some data, there are a few existing component choices in the Xamarin component store one free one – bar chart but it (as the name suggests) only does bar charts and as far as I can tell can’t display multiple series at the same time. The other choices look great but cost real money and I needed to spike something without investing too much cash. A quick search for any open source options revealed a few options but none with any xamarin bindings as part of the existing code base leaving a final option of building a binding library myself.

According to the docs creating a binding library should be a fairly simple process but they do hint at having to fix up issues by hand which is where I ended up with AChartEngine – I downloaded the 1.1.0 jar file, created a new bindling library project, added the jar and build

At first it looked like I almost got away with it as I only had a single error

C:\Users\richard\Documents\GitHub\AChartEngine.Xamarin\AChartEngine.Xamarin\obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Tools.Pan.cs(29,29): Error CS0542: 'Pan': member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type (CS0542) (AChartEngine.Xamarin)

So according to the docs I needed to do a bit of renaming using the metadata.xml file in the transforms folder so I added the following to the metadata mapping file to rename the event handler

<attr path="/api/package[@name='org.achartengine.tools']/class[@name='Pan']/method[@name='addPanListener']" name="eventName">PanEvent</attr>

and it turns out this is going to be an iterative process as it just allowed the compile to move into the next errors

obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(206,9,206,46): error CS0019: Operator '!=' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' and 'System.Type'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(208,8,208,160): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for 'Android.Runtime.JNIEnv.StartCreateInstance(System.IntPtr, System.IntPtr, params Android.Runtime.JValue[])' has some invalid arguments

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(208,60,208,70): error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' to 'System.IntPtr'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(208,72,208,142): error CS1503: Argument 2: cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.IntPtr'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(208,144,208,159): error CS1503: Argument 3: cannot convert from 'Android.Runtime.JValue' to 'Android.Runtime.JValue[]'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(263,10,263,37): error CS0019: Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' and 'System.Type'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(274,10,274,37): error CS0019: Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' and 'System.Type'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(305,9,305,36): error CS0019: Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' and 'System.Type'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(335,9,335,36): error CS0019: Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' and 'System.Type'

    obj\Debug\generated\src\Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.cs(369,9,369,36): error CS0019: Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'Org.Achartengine.Renderer.XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine.Type' and 'System.Type'


So after a bit of googling looks like all I need to do is remove the offending types from the binding library (at this stage I’m not sure whether I’ll need to instantiate these types from the c# side but I hope not) so I added a few more lines to the metadata

<remove-node path="/api/package[@name='org.achartengine.renderer']/class[@name='XYSeriesRenderer.FillOutsideLine']"/>

And this time it compiles with no errors – I ran a quick test project to prove I could make use of the library and it worked, its not clear yet whether I’m going to need that class exposed in the binding or if there was a better way to resolve the binding errors.

Find the source on github